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Daily Tracking

Track daily victories and setbacks to discover patterns and valuable insights.

Training at Your Own Pace

Gain encouraging insights and practical tips through Turn's comprehensive training and expert Q&A sessions.

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Share Strength and Hope

Find unique support and encouragement by joining with others seeking the same freedom, asking questions and brainstorming challenges together.

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Celebrate Positive Steps

Through daily tracking data, weekly lifestyle inventories, and positive outcome measurements, Turn explores and reports on a wide range of analytics that document trends in your overall progress.

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Become A Better You

Join others around the world seeking freedom from chemical dependency.


Individuals we help report an 85% decrease in depressive symptoms.


Over 90% of individuals reported our platforms helped move them toward long-term change.


Individuals using our platforms report an 88% decrease in addictive / compulsive behavior.

What Others Are Saying About Turn

"As a person who fights for his recovery every day, I rely on recovery resources like oxygen. Turn has put my recovery on steroids, plain and simple. It’s incredibly easy to use and brings together support at my fingertips….like having a sponsor and a host of recovery resources in my pocket!"
Person in Recovery
"I believe that this virtual recovery platform has changed the entire game for the future of the recovery movement."
Treatment Professional
"As a clinician working in the substance abuse field for nearly 20 years, I recognize a ‘game changer’ when I see one. In addition to tracking outcomes, the online social environment and gamification in Turn helps encourage people to learn how to succeed in creating a clean and sober lifestyle."
Substance Abuse Counselor
"I have lost three family members as a result of untreated addiction who, had Turn been available, may have been able to seek help. This app offers easy access and safety as people find the courage to explore recovery - giving them new tools and helping them gain the confidence to reach out."
Person in Recovery
"After working for decades with clients facing substance use disorders, I am grateful that Turn has been created as an additional avenue for support and healing. This web-based app allows people to access help quickly and confidentially when it is most needed - as a complement to treatment, education and community support groups."
Substance Abuse Counselor